Assessment Overview

Evaluation of Data-Centric Security Solutions and Methods. Today almost all company-relevant processes are controlled via a large number of business applications that process, collect, and store large amounts of data.



Further, the involvement of data analytics and large data storage pools like Big Data spread the data across the organization tremendously. Companies have to take measures to protect data from unwanted disclosure or loss even in cloud servers.

The right data protection security solution for you

We offer various options to support you in choosing the right measures for mitigating these risks and strengthening data protection. We are specialized in the area of INTERNAL THREAT SCENARIOS and can cover different data security solutions.

“Our Solution Components are PROPORTIONATE, EFFECTIVE and SIMPLE”

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Sensitive Data Identification & Grouping

Data identification and classification is about grouping and structuring highly sensitive business data such as construction plans, recipes, price plans, sales and commission plans, and much more, that is relevant for all measures.

We create a grid with special data protection requirements, classify the data in terms of governance risks, and group the data to control all technical measures on the main groups.


Threat Modeling & Use Cases

Have you already defined various threat scenarios? Or would you like to define scenarios for internal threats? We work out the relevant threats and create a risk map to implement technical measures.

Plan your next steps here

To prioritize the next steps on your side, follow the relevant questions

What sensitive data do we have? Where is the data located? Can we group & classify them?

Workshops for the identification and grouping of data with special protection needs as part of the Inventory & Classification discipline.

Which internal threat scenarios apply to us? What legal, regulatory, or internal requirements are relevant?

Workshop for the identification of possible threat scenarios & risks as part of the Risk & Governance discipline.

Can we test a specific network security solution to technically validate our objectives?

Carrying out a proof-of-concept of one or more solution modules with "non-productive" customer systems.

Can we validate an IT and security solution tailored to our situation and infrastructure?

This possibility is given with a time-limited pilot integration on "productive" customer systems.


Our assessement workshop

We plan and conduct workshops to develop the basics for technical measures. Our workshops usually last 2 to 3 days on-site at the customer and include the following structure:

  • Introduction to the topic
  • Create a common understanding
  • Development of the main topics (e.g. data identification)
  • Documentation of the results

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