Credential & Data Security Assessment

Our Credential & Data Security Assessment (CDSA) provides very important information as a decision basis for your Cyber Security strategy.



Lets run a full assessment and calculation of risk across critical and often misunderstood areas of your environment. Fast, No-Impact Scanning.

What is our CDSA Assessment

Proper data security begins with a strong foundation. Our CDSA is designed to provide the necessary answers regarding the potential vulnerability and availability of your sensitive data. Check the current situation of your data security with the CDSA.

For performing a CDSA we install the required software, you provide the infrastructure for the installation and required users or rather service accounts. Once we complete the installation & configuration, we initiate the analysis tasks and consolidate the results to form a comprehensive report.

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File Shares

File Shares

Discover sensitive data, open access rights, high-risk permissions, and stale data that is putting your organization at risk.

User Credenials

User Credenials

Pinpoint vulnerabilities in Active Directory permissions account passwords, privileged access rights, configurations, and more.



Identify privileged access rights, service accounts, critical misconfigurations, and the conditions attackers utilize to steal credentials.

What can you expect from a CDSA?

With Stealthbits’ Credential and Data Security Assessment (CDSA), you’ll receive a full assessment and calculation of risk across some of the most critical and often misunderstood areas of your environment (whether you’re completely on-premises, in the cloud, or operating in hybrid mode).

We analyze as part of the assessment depending on your possibilities:

Comprehensive Visibility

With 100+ security checks in total, the CDSA identifies critical security conditions and misconfigurations across an organization’s on-premises and cloud-based data repositories, Active Directory, and Windows infrastructure.

Fast, No-Impact Scanning

With no agents to deploy and the ability to run from an existing system located anywhere in your environment, you’ll get all the data you need without making changes to your infrastructure or incurring additional costs.

Valuable Output

A detailed Executive Summary highlights where attention is needed most and why, allowing any audience to fully understand the nature of the risks identified and why they are important to remediate.

Extensible Options

Want more? Stealthbits offers a full portfolio of credential and data security solutions. Take your evaluation to another level, identifying active threats, violations of security and operational policy, and more.


Your results after completion

We recommend choosing the sources which represent the highest risks to get the best benefit from the CDSA. Once we complete the technical assessment, you are going to receive a report of the results and findings as well as a presentation meeting with our security specialists to discuss the findings.

As a part of our CDSA you receive:

  • a multi-page report of the current state in your organization
  • presentation as a summary of the findings.

Our data security specialists will work out a plan of action to reduce the identified risks and support fortifying data-centric security solutions.


Defendeer CDSA Procedure

The client needs to provide the following items:

  • Windows Server (min. 2013 R2)
  • Windows SQL Server
  • AD Service-Account with required permissions (AAD App for O365 applications)
  • Connectivity from Scan-Infrastructure to target systems
Step 1 -
Installation & Configuration

After installing the software and license key, we configure the corresponding jobs and determine which goals we want to achieve with the assessment. This also includes a categorization of sensitive data criteria that should be found during scanning.

Step 2 -
Scanning & Evaluation

Depending on the scope of the target objects the scans need to run over a defined period. Once the scanning jobs have been completed, the corresponding reports can be generated.

Step 3 -
Discuss the results

We discuss the results or rather the findings of the scans and evaluation. We provide hints to potential vulnerabilities and actions. Of course, you get the reports created as a final result.

Step 4 -
Deinstallation of the CDSA

After completion of the CDSA, the infrastructure will be de-installed by you. If you would like to integrate the StealthAUDIT platform as your future Data Access Governance suite, the infrastructure for the CDSA can be migrated to an operational ready level.

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