Security Monitor Center by Defendeer

Manage your operational data compliance risks with Security Monitor Center by Defendeer where you configure, control and optimize your security measures in one place.


Risk Orchestration

Orchestrate your security risks and measure with our SMC Suite centralized. Knowing almost in real time what is the current trends in your risk exposure is essential.

Risk & Governance Reporting supports understanding the data risks and privacy level of your organization

The main purpose of Security Center Suite is that you primarily need to access only one application for managing your data security operations on a day-to-day basis independent of what product you implemented underneath.

The technological innovation in cyber security tools is very fast. To orchestrate the tools implemented in the organization, our SMC is designed to centrally manage your security measures based on disciplines and not products. This enable you to be extremely flexible on the products used and responsive on latest development without losing focus on your risk management.

Security Monitor Center by Defendeer – Insights & Control

From our Security Monitor Center Suite, you can control several different data security disciplines centrally and thus standardize the security operation processes in your organization. In SMC you configure the companies with data governance requirements like classification criteria, risk levels, data storage principles of sensitive data, and roles.

SMC at a glance

Manage the configuration and basic settings of your security process orchestration in SMC. Administer all important settings such as data classification criteria, sensitive data criteria, sensitive data exposure and transaction thresholds, role mapping and many more centrally.

Additionally, you can integrate your existing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management System) and configure notification workflows in case of Security Events & Incidents within the organization.

Data Security Service Configuration

In the service configuration part, a role-based access control module defines what user is getting what access in the security center. In order to align the reporting results of activated data security solutions, all threat scenarios and use cases are mapped in SMC. It contains various notification processes to promptly inform the necessary departments in the company.

Master Inventory of Sensitive Assets

In the inventory section, the objects containing sensitive data, the data categorization, and grouping correlations are registered. The inventory data consists of systems, databases, and applications containing sensitive data for the structured data and contains scanned folders and files with sensitive data results for unstructured ones.

Service Mapping & Control

The service mapping area defines which applications, databases, files, etc. are to be considered for the security measures. Specifically, the activation of individual data security cases per application is managed here to determine where the focus of the measures should be set in the day-to-day business.

Security Incident & Event Management

All alerts are created in the Security Monitor Center (SMC) and made available for analysis, evaluation, and triggering of any protective measures. The different tasks, such as the allocation of tickets (e.g. to employees of the Security Operations Center), the triggering of notification emails using standardized templates, the commenting on incidents, and the automated processing of security use cases are included in the SMC.

Detected events can be escalated at any time and the necessary measures can be initiated. The events created in SMC can also be transferred to third-party systems, such as an existing log & event management (e.g. Splunk) or SOAR system via interface and thus boost the quality of the logged events.

SMC Dashboard
SMC Dashboard
Master Inventory
Master Inventory
Security Event Incident Management
Security Event Incident Management

Did you know?

Defendeer offers more services in a Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) package.

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