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Data Centric Security and data protection activities for internal threats are fairly new disciplines within organizations. Due to the complexity of some components, we want to provide details about our solutions that are easy to understand even though you’re not a security expert.



Select from various options:
Factsheets give you an overview of the capabilities and functions of each solution.
Download our factsheets in PDF or MP4 format here:

  • Name
  • Solution
  • Download Link
  • Name StealthAUDIT
  • Solution StealthAUDIT
  • Download Link Germany English
  • Name Netwrix
  • Solution Netwrix Data Classification
  • Download Link Germany English
  • Name Security Monitor Center by Defendeer
  • Solution Security Monitor Center by Defendeer
  • Download Link Germany English
  • Name Active Directory Protection with StealthDEFEND
  • Solution StealthDefend
  • Download Link Germany English
  • Name StealthDEFEND® for File Systems
  • Solution StealthDefend
  • Download Link Germany English
  • Name StealthIntercept
  • Solution StealthIntercept
  • Download Link Germany English
  • Name StealthIntercept
  • Solution StealthRecover
  • Download Link Germany English
  • Name Comcrypto MXG
  • Solution Comcrypto MXG
  • Download Link Germany English

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We make our customers empowered and safe from any unwanted disclosure or loss of their critical data at any stage.

Book a free Demo-Session

We present our various solutions life on our system onsite or online showing various use cases. We adapted some of the use cases from previous customer installations to provide real business scenarios to get the best experience.

Choose a solution from our list of available demo and book your required date, venue or online slot. Our demos usually last around 2 hours and are free of charge.

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Workshops, Proof-of-Concepts, Pilot & more

Identification &
Discovery of Your Requirements

We provide various services to support your data centric security strategy or initiatives. You choose the area of interest and we adapt the content accordingly. Our road to success usually starts with data inventory and classification among all sensitive data withing the organization. In parallel various threat scenarios are defined to prioritize the technical measures and implementations.

Let’s work together in workshops to define the required steps and content. Depending on the topic, a workshop is based on a 3 to 5 days effort and should support your decision process.

Have a Defined
Use Case to Validate

You already defined use cases and would like to validate them within your environment? Select from our solutions components and we perform a proof-of-concept on a non-productive environment in collaboration with your internal staff. A proof of concept offers valuable information to decide how to proceed.

You Already
Decided What to Implement

Sometimes a Proof-of-Concept on a non-productive environment only gives answers to functional feasibility but not how it behaves in the real world. For this we provide a Pilot Installation on a productive environment with a limited scope and set of functions. Usually Pilot installations are need to convince current operations or involved business people.

You already decided what to implement? We support your implementation project from A to Z with our experts. Depending on your requirements we integrate ourselves in your implementation team to achieve the objectives together.

Let’s Collaborate

We’re constantly observing the development and changes on the tech market and in particular in the cyber area. We are aware that the technologies and products in cyber security are changing fast. Therefore we’re steady validating if new approaches cover our today and tomorrow requirements better. 

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