Pilot Installation

Pilot Testing to identify the vulnerabilities of Security devices. Would you like to validate if the data security solution selected is working as expected and can be integrated seamlessly into the regular business operations? A Pilot installation in the “real” world offers the opportunity to validate the solutions in your daily routine.



The main objectives are to prove that the data and IT security solution is operationally ready to use. If a final decision for evaluating the data security solutions is taken, the infrastructure will be adapted to the final setup including high performance and redundancy, etc.

Pilot Procedure

Our Pilot installation with the selected solution includes the infrastructure provision, the basic configuration, and the implementation of up to four use cases depending on the solution.


The client delivers a near- to productive environment (HW, OS, Databases) and connectivity from the environment to the target systems. We bring along with the IT security software files a license key. Note that licenses for production environments are not free of charge and require the acceptance of the terms & conditions from the corresponding software provider.


Once the basic configuration is completed, the logic can be configured in the solution. Some data protection security solutions need a data classification model that suits the organization. We define the relevant classification criteria to identify sensitive data in your organization.

Perform Pilot

This is the main part where the use cases are executed, periodic performance monitoring is established and optimization of the rules and processes will reduce potential false/positives.

Results & Evaluation

At the end of the process, the aim is to consolidate the results from the Pilot and to align any open points with the client. This step includes the handover of the documentation.

Rough Planning

We usually consider max. 24 weeks for a Pilot-Installation from the moment of the kick-off. The most critical tasks are the readiness of infrastructure, the availability of connectivity, and required service accounts.

We recommend a minimum of 10 to 12 weeks of execution to get a validation of the features.

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We’re constantly observing the development and changes on the tech market and in particular in the cyber area. We are aware that the technologies and products in cyber security are changing fast. Therefore we’re steady validating if new approaches cover our today and tomorrow requirements better. 

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