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Since 2013 Defendeer has been focusing on the evaluation and introduction of security solutions as technical measures for internal threat scenarios.



In addition to providing established security products, we also offer our own security services such as managed Data Security Services, a Security Operations Center (SOC) operated from India and consulting services for national and international customers.

Our Expertise is built around Data-Centric Security

We provide a broad range of professional data security services to ensure that sensitive data in organizations is protected, independently if they’re protected by data privacy laws, by industry regulators, or simply as company secrets like intellectual property.

Would you like to get all the necessary information for a real picture and gaps in regard to the necessary requirements on your current status? Do you need grouping & clustering criteria for all sensitive data in your company? We support you in the planning and implementation of your projects and integrate the necessary data security instruments and processes in cooperation with your own subject matter specialists.

We design, integrate, and operate data-centric solutions!

Data Security Assessments

Let’s plan and execute specific assessments of the effectiveness of your current measures. We also scan your environment and provide a comprehensive report. Would you like to cluster and classify your sensitive data?

We define logical correlation criteria for your sensitive data and start a classification and labeling initiative to create an inventory of your unstructured data. Furthermore, we can review and update your scenarios and risk evaluation for your internal threats.

Data-Centric Solution Evaluations

Based on your priorities and security disciplines of concern, we support you in defining the specific requirements and the conceptual part of the logic and processes. We plan and carry out proof-of-concept scenarios on non-productive systems.

The aim here is to check whether the planned solution can meet the requirements to the required extent. The results of the evaluation execution are documented to provide the facts and arguments for future integration.

Data Security Solution Integration

We support you in the implementation of the security solution during the project in the area of design & architecture, data categorization, and classification, the definition of the monitoring use cases, installation & configuration of the technical solution, as well as training of the employees involved.

You can either integrate our specialists as part of your project team or you let us take the leadership of the project with our professional project management team.

Data Security Operations

In case of a lack of resources in your security operations team, we provide subject matter experts to fill the gap. Or if you are about to build an operations team and need to ensure knowledge transfer with our subject matter experts.

In case you want to improve your current operations processes, we’re analyzing the current state and provide recommendations. You can also purchase our solutions as a service and we operate and manage the solution.

What we can do for you?

We can help you to strategize, design, develop, deploy & grow your data-centric security measures and
categorize and protect your sensitive data, seamlessly. Let's Collaborate

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