Would you like to check how our data security solutions work in your company? With our Proofs-of-Concept (PoC) you will receive the necessary decision-making basis as to whether the data protection security solution can meet your requirements.



Learn more about our solutions with a Proof-of-Concept. We prepare an individual lab-tenant of the solution in our infrastructure for you. Based on standardized use cases you’re able to validate together with us the solutions selected.

An important note with respect to the
expectations of a proof of concept:

Our proof-of-concept has a standardized structure within the framework of the implementation to show the capabilities and features of our data-centric security solution.

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PoC Procedure

Our proof-of-concept includes the infrastructure provision, the basic configuration, and the implementation of up to three use cases depending on the solution.

We document the results accordingly during the PoC and deliver a “final” report with recommendations. Our PoC projects follow a standardized procedure to ensure the best outcome.


The client delivers a non-productive environment and connectivity from the PoC environment to the target systems. A service account is needed to perform the proof of concept. We bring along with the software files a license key that is limited in time to non-productive environments.


Once the basic installation and configuration of the infrastructure are completed, the logic can be configured in the solution. Some data monitoring solutions need a data classification model that suits the organization. We define the most relevant classification criteria to identify sensitive data in the PoC processes.

Perform PoC

This is the main part of the PoC where the use cases are executed, some implemented configurations and rules are updated if required and the results are documented for the final part.

Results & Evaluation

At the end of the process, the aim is to consolidate the results from the proof-of-concept to align any open points with the client that leads to handover of the documentation, disposing of the PoC infrastructure, and the possible outline of future implementation.

Rough Planning

We generally consider 12 weeks for a PoC from the moment of the kick-off regarding the critical tasks like the readiness of infrastructure, the availability of connectivity, and the required service accounts. We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks of execution to get a proper view of the features.

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Book your Proof-of-Concept right here and test one of our solutions in your environment.

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We’re constantly observing the development and changes on the tech market and in particular in the cyber area. We are aware that the technologies and products in cyber security are changing fast. Therefore we’re steady validating if new approaches cover our today and tomorrow requirements better. 

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