Risk & Data Access Governance Reporting

Data security considerations for organizations are based on legal and regulatory requirements, ethical and moral responsibility, and corporate guidelines. To fulfill all the mandatory requirements, organizations need to have an overview of the type of data collected, processed and stored until deleted.



Besides an overview of the current state of risks and data access governance are also needed to ensure the least-privileged principles across the organization.

Get to know all the insides and trends withing your organization!

We provide solutions and integrate process to understand the current trends regarding risks exposure and governance compliancy.

Data Access Governance

Get all the insides of your vulnerability of your Active Directory, your system, your databases, and your unstructured data. Monitor all initiate remediation steps to ensure a high level of compliance and data governance.

Data Access Risk Management

Data streams within the organization and to and from the cloud contains several risks with needs to be constantly monitored carefully. We provide the instrument to understand the data transactions and its risks in your organization.

Compliance Monitoring

Get a consolidate view on the positive or negative trends of your measures implemented in our dashboard views. We consolidate the SIEM information to threat scenarios to simplify the current compliance & risk level.

Data Protection Law Compliance

Provide all the required information to Fulfill Data Rights Request at a highly automated Scale and manage user consent and preference at one place. Furthermore, achieve auditability of personal data access with a centralized records of processing log and guarantee the rights to be forgotten.


Threat Modelling

Our generic risk model is based on various threat scenarios that are to be applied for monitoring, alarming, and protecting sensitive data.

The detected events and incidents serve as the basis for reporting. They are aggregated in such a way that at the end the trends and the risks that have occurred are transparently displayed at the level of the individual threat scenario.


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Identify risks of data exposure & vulnerability

All organizations require tools to help them manage and secure the various technology resources that drive the businesses. This requires data security solutions that are flexible enough to bend to their unique requirements across multiple platforms within their IT ecosystem.

Identify overexposed sensitive data

Defendeer helps you identify information about which part of sensitive data is most at risk and is exposed to a large number of users or stored in an insecure location.

Assess data and infrastructure security risks

Identify both data and infrastructure security gaps, such as a large number of directly assigned permissions or too many inactive user accounts.

Breach Data Investigation

In case of a data breach, the organization needs to investigate the data impacted. Therefore you need to accurately determine impacted users following a data breach and prepare the required notification and data protection measures. With our data-centric security solutions, you can accurately understand which personal and critical data sets have been affected and identify impacted user’s residency to tailor an accurate response by a data loss, theft, cyber phishing.

Data Rights Automation

For Personal Identifying Data, the data owner has the right to know what data the company has collected and stored about him/her. Additionally, the requestor can demand that the data has to be updated or deleted. Finding all the data collected about one individual person in all the systems can be very time-consuming. Our data security solutions automatically make a complete list of employee data with no data duplication by creating a centralized view into a subject’s data index.

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