Data Security Incident & Event Management

Our Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM) analyzes the log data available from the security solutions to detect potential risks from users and processes.



Each data security solution provides alerts based on conditions, triggers, and thresholds. The SIEM is mapping the data delivered with the rules defined and transform a security alert depending on the urgency.


Data Security Monitoring to
Initiate Sensitive Data Protection

All deviations from the potential violations identified during the data monitoring process should be alerted as soon as possible so that countermeasures to protect the data can be initiated.

Data Security Monitoring use cases are defined on the basis of threat scenarios for the sensitive data objects that require a higher level of protection.


Handling of Alerts, Events & Incidents

The Security Monitoring Use Cases ensure that each alarm gets the defined criticality on the basis of thresholds, patterns, and conditions.

The first level for an alert identified is usually a Security Event unless the risks and impact are high and therefore a Security Incident needs to be created. Depending on the assessment, the Security Event can be escalated if additional investigations or higher management attention are required.

We detect potential false/positives, non-optimized technical rules, new information such as new systems or employees, etc. in relation to breaches during unwanted sensitive data disclosure or leakage.


Automatized Data Security Event operated through SOAR

With the increasing complexity and large volumes of data security events, organizations need intelligent process support to address the growing risks.

This support in the form of automatization of processing is called SOAR or Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response. SOAR assists in the analysis, orchestration, and reaction of activities if security alerts are triggered. SOAR supports the security organization in focusing on the events & incidents that are important to counteract effectively.


Playbooks and AI-Bots
as a core feature of SOAR solutions

In a SOAR solution, individual playbooks provide automated analysis, orchestration, and incident response to meet the specific needs of your organization. Actions to registered security events can be partly or fully automated.

With the help of AI bots, recommended actions to security events & incidents can be defined. Machine learning is used to examine the activity patterns of the analysts based on these recorded patterns.


Our SIEM solutions

Defendeer provides data security solutions and components to enable existing Security Organizations or support the analytics and notification steps for smaller companies that don’t have their own resources.

Select from our portfolio

  • Defendeer Security Center
  • Security Operations Center as a Service
  • SOAR-Suite (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response)

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Select from Our Portfolio

Defendeers Security Center

Defendeers Security Center
Centralized SIEM Suite for your needs Defendeer

The data-centric security solution developed by Defendeer is providing all needed features to triage, analyze and document security events for all the data security solutions integrated.

Security Operations Center

Security Operations Center
As a Service Learn More

Defendeer provides Security Operations Services to organizations that don’t want to operate their own Security Operations Center (SOC) in case of security incidents.


(Security Orchestration, Automation and Response)

Integrate the solution based on your requirement starting from a Event- und Incident Management application to a semi-automatized resolution suite up to a outsource Operations Center that handles your security incidents.

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