Security Solutions as a Service

The area of Cyber Security consists of a fast-moving pace of new technical possibilities on how to counteract potential threats. This includes new product launches in all areas of Cyber Security.



We at Defendeer follow the market closely and monitor potential add-ons for our portfolio for each of the security disciplines.

Why should you consider a SaaS model?

The solutions and products in Cyber Security usually require special knowledge and skills to implement, manage and operate independently whether the risk mitigation is handled for sensitive data onsite in own data centers or in cloud-based environments.

For those organizations that wouldn’t like to build these capabilities or simply want to maintain a high level of data governance and compliance without focusing on the technological or processing part, a SaaS model might be the best option.

We as a provider analyze what threat scenarios are potentially creating higher risks, what processes and technologies might be effective to counteract the threats, and what data protection solutions fit our requirements best.

Security Services you can get from Defendeer

Security Application Operations

We operate & manage the integrated security solutions for service availability, updates & upgrades as well as use case creation and updates and implemented rules maintenance.

Security Operations Center

Our security analysts monitor incoming events and incidents to compare them with the defined checklists to inform the customer in case of urgency and priority. Our experts don’t have access to sensitive data unless agreed otherwise.

Professional Services

We provide expert knowledge to integrate the desired security solution tailored to the customers needs. We ensure that the know-how transfer to the future operations team is completed before end of the integration.

What Disciplines Are Available As A Service?

Let us define the requirements and targets and we take care of the rest. We install and operate the security solution onsite in your data center, in the cloud or with us. We will ensure service quality and required notifications and reports.

We provide services in this model for the following categories:

Data Catalog – Sensitive Data Inventory & Classification

Based on the requirements we install and operate the data inventory and classification tenant. We would need the corresponding service accounts to access the target systems, certificates and access to the application if installed onsite.

Continuous Monitoring – User Activity Monitoring & Behavior Analytics

We install and manage the corresponding solution tenant for monitoring applications, cloud or internet applications, privileged administrators, and data storage.

Data Protection – Data Anonymization & Encryption

To protect sensitive data in streams onsite or to/from the cloud, we install and manage the protection suite to dynamically mask or encrypt the defined sensitive data in motion or at rest.

SIEM – Security Incident Handling

We collect the corresponding log information and correlate them to use cased driven security events and incidents. Based on latest technologies the monitoring and analytics will be done automated where feasible.

Email-Security – Secure Email Transportation

To guarantee that sensitive data in email are sent compliant with data protection laws we provide a secure mail gateway solutions that monitors the low-risk delivery to the recipient.

What disciplines are available as a Service?

We provide services in our model for the following categories :

SDIC Sensitive Data Inventory & Classification
Continuous Monitoring User Activity Monitoring & Behavior Analytics
DLP Data Loss Prevention
Email Security Secure eMail transportation
Sensitive Data Encryption Dynamic Masking & Encryption
DSA Data Security Assessment
SIEM Security Information and Event Management

Even though we’re providing standardized services as part of the SaaS provisioning, we highly customize the logic defined in each of the solutions to the customers’ requirements and needs.

All our solutions are independent of whether they are operated by the client onsite or in cloud-based services. If the size or the structure of the company does not allow us to operate complex security solutions, then our security managed services might be the best answer for them.

Our SaaS Portfolio

Get the best results and tailor our services to your individual needs

Professional Services

Professional Services

Profit from our long term experience and involve us for various topics in your security initiative. We provide professional services from assessments, awareness, evaluations, proof of concepts, solution integration with Project Management, and more.

SOC as a Service

SOC as a Service

Defendeer provides a 7 x 24 x 365 data security Operations Center that is doing the primary triage of the incoming alerts. These alerts will be managed as Security Events or Incidents based on meta data and our Security Analysts will act based on predefined checklists.

Security Solutions as a Service

Security Solutions as a Service

You decide if you want a partially or fully managed service either on your own infrastructure or operated and managed by Defendeer. We cover a broad range of disciplines with individual solutions independently for the customer to operate them in the cloud or as a hybrid.

Want to know more about our Services?

Contact us for more information or schedule a demo to learn more about the capabilities and how these disciplines work:

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