StealthAUDIT Management Platform

StealthAUDIT automates the collection and analysis of the information you need to answer the most difficult questions of critical IT assets, including data, directories, and systems.



StealthAUDIT Analysis Modules allow users to easily derive information from their data. Capabilities include correlation with existing and alternative data sources, easy-to-use view creation, historical trending, injection of business rules and logic, notification, exportation, and more.

The Reporting & Governance Platform for all your needs.

All organizations, regardless of size, require instruments to manage and secure all the technology resources that drives their business processes. Stealthbits’ StealthAUDIT Management Platform supports organizations collecting and analyzing the information to validate the types and levels of risks in their critical IT infrastructure, data, and applications. StealthAUDIT is a true governance framework with preconfigured analytics solutions to address the most common requirements, as well as an extensive toolset for customizing the needs for today and in the future.

Strict audit regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, EU GDPR and others, require organizations to know who has access to certain types of sensitive data, what they’re doing with it, and how users were granted that access.

Key Features & Benefits

StealthAUDIT provides strong instruments for your governance strategy

6 steps to achieve your goals

Step 1 – Collect


StealthAUDIT contains over 40 built-in data collection modules covering both on-premises and cloud-based platforms from Operating Systems to Office 365. Leveraging an agentless architectural approach, each “Data Collector” provides an easy, wizard-driven interface for configuring StealthAUDIT to collect exactly the data needed, enabling fast, flawless, lightest-weight possible data collection from dozens of data sources.

Step 2 – Analyze

A FRESH Perspective on your Data

StealthAUDIT Analysis Modules allow users to easily derive information from their data. Capabilities include correlation with existing and alternative data sources, easy-to-use view creation, historical trending, injection of business rules and logic, notification, exportation, and more. Users can also extend analysis with powerful SQL and PowerShell modules, as well as alternative script inputs and exits.

Step 3 – Govern

Automated Least Privilege Access

Not all data can be obtained from a system or application. When input and answers are required from data and resource owners, StealthAUDIT provides both simple and sophisticated methods of retrieving and incorporating end-user feedback into the data analysis and decision-making process, including Entitlement Reviews, Self-Service Access Requests, and more.

Step 4 - Remediate


StealthAUDIT’s Action Module framework serves as both a means by which to communicate with and receive feedback from end users, as well as automatically or programmatically remediate conditions across virtually every corner of your organization. Fix access, clean-up stale data, feed ticketing systems, tie processes together seamlessly, and more with StealthAUDIT’s open, flexible action facilities.

Step 5 - Report

Get all the reports you need

StealthAUDIT provides multiple ways to interact with your collected and analyzed data, including report generation and distribution to the appropriate parties in your organization. Beautiful HTML5 renderings of any scenario make understanding your environment simple for users at any level of your business, on virtually any device.

Step 6 – Respond


Data Privacy Engine (available as an add-on) enables StealthAUDIT to connect identities with the location of their personal information to pre-discover the attributes of data subjects across all repositories (structured, unstructured, on prem, in the cloud, etc.) and maintain an understanding of which files relate to which people.

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Platform support

The StealthAUDIT Management Platform ships with preconfigured “Solution Sets” designed to address key concepts in the security and administration of critical systems, data repositories, and applications within your IT infrastructure. In-depth focus is provided around Active Directory, unstructured and structured data repositories like network file shares, SharePoint, and databases, Windows, Unix, and Linux Operating Systems, and more.

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Why you should consider StealthAUDIT

The StealthAUDIT Management Platform enables organizations to reduce risk, fulfill and enforce compliance requirements, and reduce operational costs associated with the management and security of their critical systems, data, and applications. StealthAUDIT’s combination of preconfigured solutions and the flexibility for users to create and configure their own, results in the perfect mix of usability and capability for today’s enterprises. IT professionals that can effectively safeguard their organizations while remaining flexible and efficient will achieve the competitive edge, and StealthAUDIT will help them do just that.

Big-Time Benefits

StealthAUDIT helps organizations save time, save money, achieve compliance, reduce risk, and increase security. But how?

Single pane of Glass Visibility

StealthAUDIT’s Access Information Center (AIC) acts as a consolidated and centralized interface for exploring resource access rights, data sensitivity, and activity, in addition to managing and facilitating governance workflows that keep data secure and organizations compliant with regulatory standards.

Preconfigured Solution Sets and Reports

StealthAUDIT provides turnkey fulfillment of the most common requirements organizations need to address aligning to Data Access Governance for Unstructured and Structured Data, Active Directory Management and Security, OS-level Auditing and Privileged Access Management, and more.

Process Automation

StealthAUDIT seamlessly ties together disparate processes, creating fully automated solutions that save time, avoid unnecessary costs, and alleviate burden on IT.

Lightweight Footprint

StealthAUDIT’s lightweight architecture and innovative, best of breed approaches to data collection, analysis, and storage make it the best value comparison with any alternative.

Tools Reduction

StealthAUDIT contains the underlying capabilities of countless products and utilities, enabling organizations to reduce and consolidate the number of toolsets needed to accomplish the vast majority if their requirements.

Technology Integration

Far from a black-box solution, StealthAUDIT can push and pull data to and from dozens of technologies (including home grown systems) through powerful REST APIs. The AnyData connector gives users the ability to scan and data source for sensitive data.

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