Active Directory Protection with StealthDEFEND

Real-time detection and response for threats against Active Directory and file systems. Detect and respond to abnormal behavior and advanced attacks with unprecedented accuracy and speed.



Once inside, attackers aim to discover your environment, find and compromise privileged credentials and leverage those credentials to access, exfiltrate, or destroy data. StealthDEFEND is the only real-time threat detection and response data security solution to protect these two common denominators in a data breach scenario.

Real-Time Advanced Attack Detection

Detect and respond to the specific tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) attackers are leveraging when attempting to compromise Active Directory and File System data.

Auto-Adjust to Risk Behaviors

Automatic tagging of privileged users, groups, data, and resources appropriately adjusts risk ratings associated with abnormal or nefarious behaviors.

Response Playbooks

StealthDEFEND provides automated response options when threats are identified and can trigger follow-up responses based on initial playbook success or failure. It can also be configured to integrate with your own business processes and deliver threat data to where your data protection security teams need it: ServiceNow, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and a wide variety of SIEM platforms.

Machine Learning & User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

StealthDEFEND is purpose-built to detect and respond to both specific attack techniques and generally abnormal, or suspicious behavior, for particular individuals. We can analyze large amounts of events and elevate suspicious behaviors to be reviewed.

User-Defined Threats

Define threats and their parameters in alignment with your organization’s specific needs and requirements. Reduce false positives with revised rules, logic, and criteria dedicated to handling exclusions with ease.

Deception Tools

Proactively lure attackers into making the wrong move with built-in Honey Token deployment, management, and detection capabilities that are easy to administer and simple to deploy.

StealthDEFEND® for Active Directory

Real-time detection and response for threats against Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) provides a wealth of information about the users within an organization, groups used to secure access, network topology, applications hosted, and overall security policies. The same information used to benefit trusted users and systems within the network can also provide attackers with detailed schematics of an organization.

What is StealthDEFEND for Active Directory?

StealthDEFEND is a real-time threat detection and response solution for attacks against an organization’s credentials and data. StealthDEFEND consumes an enriched, optimized audit stream of data including all authentications, changes, and requests occurring within Active Directory.

StealthDEFEND effectively builds organizational behavioral profiles using unsupervised machine learning algorithms to detect abnormal and advanced attack behaviors with unprecedented accuracy.

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StealthDEFEND® for File Systems

Real-time detection and response for threats against file systems

Corporate networks are under siege from attackers, requiring organizations to continually battle advanced threats like ransomware and attempts to exfiltrate or destroy their data. Securing unstructured data requires proactive interrogation of dozens of data points related to file access activity, including when, where, and how data is being accessed, who is accessing the data, and even each file’s level of sensitivity. Until now, performing this level of analysis was either impossible or highly inaccurate and inefficient.


StealthDEFEND for File Systems is the real-time threat analytics component of Stealthbits’ Data Access Governance Suite. Leveraging Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms, advanced behavioral analysis, and important contextual elements such as data and account sensitivity, StealthDEFEND eliminates excessive and undifferentiated warnings to surface truly meaningful trends and alerts on attempts to compromise your sensitive data.

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Stealthbits Activity Monitor

For Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, File Systems, SharePoint, and SharePoint Online, Stealthbits Activity Monitor provides the highest fidelity audit trail of user activity, without the noise or the guesswork.

Activity auditing made easy

Native audit logs are noisy, kludgey, performance intensive, and often void of the details and context administrators need to address security and compliance use cases with certainty and ease. Logs of activities occurring within popular file system and storage platforms, on-premises and cloud-based services like SharePoint and Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online, and directories like Active Directory and Azure Active Directory are particularly difficult to make heads or tails of and are overly verbose, resulting in a serious lack of visibility into the two most important resources within any organization: credentials and data. Stealthbits Activity Monitor acts as an embedded component of multiple Stealthbits products but can also be licensed and leveraged as a stand-alone solution to drastically ease the burden activity auditing places on your organization’s people, processes, and technologies.

How does Activity Monitor works?

How It Works Supported Platforms and Event Collection The Stealthbits Activity Monitor is an agent-based activity monitoring solution. In real-time, Stealthbits Activity Monitor audits, records, and optionally hosts or sends high-fidelity, streamlined activity information to whatever needs it, including SIEM platforms like Splunk and LogRhythm, reporting tools like Tableau and Power BI, IAM and IGA platforms, and more.

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