Data Centric Security

The approach of data centric security puts the data itself in the center of all protection considerations. Technology is directly applied to the sensitive data organizations need to protect. We have extensive experience in integration data centric driven technology in various industries.



Staff members need to understand that the measures are not meant for monitoring them but to enforce data protection from unwanted disclosure or loss. Potential damage may lead to financial or reputation loss to the company.

Data-Centric Security Solutions safeguards sensitive data

Defendeer is the specialist in determining protection requirements and introducing technical measures and IT and security solutions. The primary concern is the sensitive data protection from small and medium-sized enterprises to large multinational organizations.

Although the technical measures implemented by us are essentially IT-based solutions, the corresponding security and compliance departments in companies should be responsible for the requirements and configurations.

Our Disciplines

Disciplines as Security Modules

Our solution portfolio is based on various individual data security modules and thus also addresses different requirements from the internal threat scenarios. Technical measures are only an instrument to address and mitigate different risks regarding your sensitive data security. We have grouped these risks into counteracting disciplines which contain actions to reduce the risks for unwanted data exposure and loss.

Structured & Unstructured Data

Putting the sensitive data subject into the center means knowing exactly what data is collected, processed and stored in the entire organization either in applications or files. Structured data are mainly data sets that are consumed by business applications and system processes and are stored usually in databases also known as structured data.

Structured data are mainly data sets that are consumed by business applications and system processes. Unstructured data are stored in different formats such as files, documents and are distributed among the organization.

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