Technical & Organizational Measures

Support your employees in the daily business. When developing technical measures, we enforce the proportionality of the measures as the main principle in defining and implementing data security strategy.



Staff members need to understand that the measures are not meant for monitoring them but to enforce data protection from unwanted disclosure or loss. Potential damage may lead to financial or reputation loss to the company.

Data Security Control

Avail Data Security Solutions to evade Unwanted Access and Leakage!

Risk Identification & Control

When providing data-centric security solutions to enterprises, the primary aim is to identify the risks involved in collecting, processing, and storing sensitive data. Thus, unwanted data access or leakage can be reduced directly.

Clustering of Identified and Classified Data

The foundation of all data-centric security measures is a model for grouping or consolidating all data collected, processed, stored and deleted as a centralized inventory. With clusters of sensitive datasets, it is possible to figure out what kind of data, where and how it is stored and processed. Not only legally protected or regulated data, but also data such as patents, construction plans, recipes, price plans, and much more, are particularly worth protecting, to keep a company’s secrets.

Knowing your data is crucial

We have developed a data inventory model that can group data to curtail the risk factors. Our model can fully standardize the application of data identification and classification by different aggregations or multi-level grouping.

Why data categorization & classification is important

Collection, storage, and processing of data indicate that companies today create a huge amount of data. As a result, these data are subject to statutory, regulatory, or company-specific requirements. It is about the obligation to handle this data carefully and for a specific purpose. Unfortunately, people are not used to handling sensitive and digital data.

Threat Modelling

Threat modeling is a process by which potential threats, such as structural vulnerabilities or the absence of appropriate safeguards, can be identified, enumerated, and mitigated. Accordingly, data monitoring determines the basis for implementing technical rules to manage sensitive data or IT security software.

Introduction to Technical & Organizational Measures

As part of ensuring the company's own compliance with legal, official and internal bodies, various measures must be implemented to achieve the goals.

Data protection against business interests?

The challenge with all types of measures is finding the balance between the need to implement protective measures from the security & compliance point of view against the interests of the business units or the corporate goals.

Support your employees in their day-to-day business

When developing technical and organizational measures, we primarily focus on the proportionality and effectiveness of the measures as the primary principle in implementing data security processes in the organization.


Organizational Measures

The organizational measures are based in particular on instructions, internal awareness and training . This is intended to regulate the behavioral framework for all employees.

The latest technologies enable companies to analyze this huge volume of data. The data are used to support and optimize the company's goals. However, this creates increased risks in the handling of particularly sensitive data which cannot be compensated by implementing organizational measures alone. The rapid technical development in the area of cybersecurity enables even smaller companies to introduce technical measures based on proportionality with regard to protection and costs.


Technical Measures for Data Protection Security

Technical measures with corresponding data security solutions are now a decisive factor for achieving compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements to counteract possible criminal or civil law consequences regarding data violations. Technical solutions support the business processes of accessing sensitive data, processing the data, and data leakage from the company.

Protecting Data Groups from Unauthorized Access

The introduction of technical measures is not meant to control the work performance of employees but rather serves solely to protect targeted data groups from unauthorized access. As a result, employees with access to particularly sensitive data can be sure that there will be no risk or damage potentials.

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General Data Protection Regulation EU

Data Protection Laws of the countries (GDPR)

In particular, collections of personal identifying data (PII) have become a major challenge in data processing. Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) of the European Union and data protection laws of the respective countries can lead to a huge effort for companies.

Taking technical security measures has become one of the highest priorities during implementing business processes involving sensitive data in organizations.

The European Union specifically has started to penalize non-compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the organizations. The financial impact of such potential penalties far exceeds the cost of introducing technical measures. Of course, we also monitor the latest developments for updated Data Privacy and Data Protection Laws in other countries such as the USA (California), India, Europe, Middle East, and many more.

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