User Activity Monitoring

We handle sensitive data in your organization by monitoring user activities. The database administrative tool records actions taken when handling sensitive data. With ‘user activity monitoring’, we log the activities of employees while accessing those data to find out the traceability of data exposure.



This enables the company to maintain its audit capacity at all times in relation to the collection, processing, and storage of specific data.

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We offer various options to support you in choosing the right measures for mitigating these risks. We are specialized in INTERNAL THREAT SCENARIOS and can cover different solutions.

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User Activity Monitoring for Structured Data


Data monitoring and Data security in DBMS

Today, large amounts of data are collected and processed for various purposes and it is stored in databases on systems. OS and database activity monitoring are used for these cases to record user actions. If unusual or suspicious behavior patterns occur, these actions are alerted and supported with immediate technical measures.

Additionally, the privileges of administrators can be used for potential hacking of systems. Our regular data monitoring and user activity monitoring activities ensure that privileged access can be managed and monitored accordingly.


Monitoring for Business Applications, Datawarehouse, etc.

The core problem of different business applications is that their authorization concepts cannot match the current and future requirements for the protection of the sensitive data. We generate processes to monitor application users in real-time and activities will be alerted in the event of unusual behavior.

This ensures transparency for sensitive data protection in applications, the areas of data warehouse and big data when used, and creates the basis for appropriate protective measures against unwanted access and leakage of sensitive data in business processes.

Target Group: All employees with access to applications.

User Activity Monitoring for Unstructured Data


Monitoring on File shares, SharePoint,
Collaboration, and Cloud Storage

A large number of files are created and stored in different formats in files and documents as unstructured data. In the Microsoft Office area, the amount of files on central repositories such as SharePoint or file repositories is very large.

After the files containing sensitive have been inventoried, the actions by users who access, change or delete the file are monitored and compared with specified rule patterns.

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